Accepted Posters

Posters session will be on the third day, Thursday March 22nd, 2018
Posters free registration includes ONLY three members of the project.

Accepted Posters:
P1. Planning & Practical Performance Assessment for LTE Networks, AAST
P2. Artificial Vision (Horus), Alex. University
P3. Autos, Helwan University
P4. Frequency selective surfaces (FSS’s) Structures and its Applications, AAST
P5. GSM System Attacks using OpenBTS Applications, Alex. University
P6. An IoT-Cloud Based ECG Monitoring System for Smart Healthcare, Alex. University
P7. IoT Smart Parking System, Alex. University
P8. Jamming and Anti-jamming Techniques in W. Comm. Systems, Alex. University
P9. Enhancement of MW couplers Using Metamaterials, AAST
P10. Mind-controlled Wheelchair, Alex. University
P11. Mobile Smart Prosthetic Hand (MSPH), AAST
P12. Quantum Computing & Cryptography Using Electromagnetic Metamaterials, BUE
P13. Semantic segmentation for haptic vision, Helwan University
P14. Smart Healthcare Unit, AAST
P15. Smart Station: A Mobile-Based Smart Vehicle-Tracking System (Smart Tracker), AAST
P16. Underwater Communication Monitoring System Using Diffused Light Harvesters, BUE
P17. KASUMI and SNOW 3G Cipher for 3G/4G Network, AAST
P18. Unmanned Ground Vehicle, MIU
P19. Firefighters: An Autonomous Firefighting System, MIU
P20. Smart Vehicle Control System, MIU
P21. Smart Technology for Next Generation Traffic Control Systems, MIU
P22. Communication subsystem for cubesat, MIU