Prof. Medhat Mokhtar

Prof. Medhat Mokhtar
Prof. Abdel Razik Sebak

Prof. Medhat Mokhtar was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1959. He received the B. Eng. degree (with honors) in Communication engineering from the Military Technical College , Egypt, in 1980, the M.Sc. degree in Antennas and Wave Propagation from Cairo University, Egypt, in 1987, and the Ph.D. degree in Antennas and Wave Propagation from Kent University, U.K., in 1991. He has held lecturing positions at Military Technical College, Egypt, and has been the Dean of Faculty and the Deputy Commandant of the Military Technical College in 2009. In January 2012, he Appointed Chairman of the National Authority of Remote Sensing and Space Science – Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Egypt, till December 2016. His research interests cover the design and analysis of Microstrip antennas, and Arrays, with over 33 technical publications.

The gateway to National prosperous

Prof. Medhat Mokhtar

Space-based economy relies on a multidisciplinary framework, in which the interaction and synergy between economics, the natural and the social sciences will enable a more accurate plan of future economy.

Space-faring nations are planning for many transformations ahead in use of satellite technology and space programs which will lead to discovery, jobs and growth, radically improving transport, agriculture, education, entertainment and much more besides. On the other side, non space-faring nations always have the ambitious to secure the future, by contributing to the space activities, Global contribution to mankind. The intend of both types of nations are establishing space industry pivots on their national territories.

The paper presents the major trends in the Globe, and focus on the Middle East for seizing a portion of the space industry, and establishing space foundation. These trends are primarily commercial satellite launch platform, communication satellites, remote sensing satellite constellations, Assembly and integration centers of satellites, and satellite data services.

It also presents the role of the Egyptian Space Agency as a responsible foundation of Observe, study, and analyze different activities. On the light of the Globe and regional space activities, it issues recommendations to attain the goals of the Agency through a multidisciplinary framework of activities.